Born in Syria in 1975, Khaled YOUSSEF studied medecin at Damascus University before moving to France to achieve the title of surgeon. 
Poetry and photography started for him as a passion. Writing poetry is a way to escape for a better world, and to imagine a place full of hope and dreams. 
Some moments of our life seem like dreams too when we open the eyes; that is why photos could give the possibility to keep dreaming and show beauty everywhere.
He started by capturing reflections in the water after the rainy days, and searching for interesting details in a wall or a simple scene of life in la Côte d'Azur and around the world.
Bubbles get a short life trying always to escape and flying faraway like our ideas, our good moments, or our dreams. It is also fragiles like relationships between people, ready to explose like the madness of our humanity sometimes, and transperents as we should be between us to avoide wars and crimes. 
That's why He creates them, follows them and trying to catch them with his camera. 
Somehow he is creating wishes to see the world differently, with children's eye. 
The adventure of bubbles is still travelling from place to place, from Istanbul to London, and from barcelona to Malta, to give a new perspective of cities and countries and to show, through these fragile reflections the diversity of destinations 


"Reflet-xion": nice 2012
"Faites les murs" nice 2012
"Somnan-bulle" nice: 2013
"Variations autour de la côte d'azur": Gorbio 2013
"Menton: ville onirique"; jardins de serre de la madonne, Menton
"Nouvelle perspective sur Nice": méridien Nice, 2013
"Bruxelles and Europe: through the lens of a bubble" 2014: Musée Boz'Art, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Collaboration with Starwood company to create photo's exhibitions in "Le Meridien" hotels, 2014-2015: londres, Paris, Barcelone, El Vendrell, Monaco, Oran, Malte, Split, et  Dubaï. Abu Dhabi, Al Aqah, and Nice.
"Syria off Frame"/ Imago Mundi: Venise 2015


Trans-art: saint tropez


Art Monaco 2012
Art basel Miami beach 2012


-"murmures": poetry 2012 ( French)
-"Reflet-xions": poetry 2013 ( French and Arabic)
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