There, where the sea arises...

No person can see the sea, without dreaming of travelling. The sea, it is the taste of algae, and the blue and the green dancing on a wave, the foam of the waves and the sand ever recommenced to the rhythm of tides, it is the shore of happiness, a door wide open to the winds, it is the mind on a journey through the five continents. The sea that breaks on the rocks, upon the sound of its wild and untameable waves, takes us away to places unknown, full of adventure, escape and freedom.

Facing the blue immensity of the sea that submerges the pebble shores, under the caresses of water, wind, air and light, we are not the same anymore; we become sea mist before the sun. The horizon opens, and life itself becomes a vast ocean wherein from azure skies, stars are falling. Here through these moments captured on the fly, I attempt to slow down the beats of time and retain memories. I tell the seas and oceans of the world, the shores where one can forget himself, the taming of a wave, the "vague à l'âme", and the sharing of moments of serenity and laughter on faces splashed with sea foam.

Incessantly dissolved, incessantly recommenced, the sea is the sigh of the spirit in the Land of Men; it is the image of transformation into permanence, of multiplicity into unity... a diffraction of the mind. A lost paradise, a beach of carefreeness, and a haven that obliterates its memory to a cruel world or perhaps a hurtful life, on the shores of the seas our steps are light and innocent, our soul has the salted taste of flood tides, and our thoughts go and come to the rhythm of the ebb and flow: the sea is in us, deep within us.

There, where the sea arises... our dreams emerge...

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