Make bubbles not war

Everything starts with a dream and life is a story that feeds on the substance of dreams. It is in childhood that hope is anchored, since happiness is a child's dream realized in adulthood. Innocence and spontaneity, a sense of wonderment, a light air bubble that dresses with the colors of the rainbow an empty space, all this builds up our dreams that we long to see growing, and perhaps one day coming true.

In a world full of uncertainty, violence and complexity, this album is a human response as to deepen an awareness of the happiness and the beauty of life, an attempt to visualize dreams, to draw a smile upon people's faces from here and elsewhere. By taking these soapy creatures along with me in my travels, I try to create moments of joy, inspiration and wonderment that the camera will capture and archive in time and space. The bright eyes of a child in Istanbul or in Nice are the same as that of a Brazilian or Algerian child.

We are born equal, and when we know how to share and give these treasures of simple happiness, then we align ourselves to our common humanity that unites us all.

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